Hi! My name is Michael Roloff and I am a roto-obsessive. I have been playing fantasy baseball since 1999 and have enjoyed great success, with a 34% win rate (21 league titles out of 61 league-seasons played). Fantasy baseball hits that sweet spot for me of increasing my enjoyment and understanding of real-life baseball, building on my love of statistics that began when I was an avid baseball card collector as a kid, and savoring the challenge of competing against similarly fanatical hobbyists. The fantasy baseball world has changed tremendously over the past 15 years and it is harder than ever to gain an edge in this data-flooded landscape. This site is a place for me to think out loud and have a little fun mulling over this crazy hobby of ours and for you to hopefully gain some insights about how to become a more successful player. Thanks for visiting and please comment and contribute!

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